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18 February 2016

Tomoko plays ball with the Chiba Lotte Marines

Mr. Osomatsu and Watamote Prepare For Spring With Baseball Collaborations

Tomoko is notoriously anti-baseball, and thinks they could at least do something to make the game interesting like making bats proportional to the players' d*ck size ("in length and girth"). But after fainting from heat stroke at the ballpark, it was the team that saved her, so now she owes them one.

More details about the real world collaboration between Tomoko Kuroki and the Chiba Lotte Marines will be announced in March. Meanwhile, a handful of fans here and in Japan are hoping that this renewed attention might mean that the suits at Square Enix are finally considering a second season for the anime. This is probably just wishful thinking, but if you can drag Mokocchi out to a Chiba Lotte Marines game, anything can happen.

An additional real world note: many of the character family names in WataMote are derived from the Chiba Lotte Marines roster, including Kuroki, so Tomoko's distaste for the game comes with a wink.

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