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06 March 2016

Nico Tanigawa drop baseball drug scandal from upcoming chapter

On Saturday, Nico Tanigawa revealed in a series of tweets that a joke referencing a recent baseball scandal was scrapped from the next chapter, at the request of their editor.

Chapter 94 of WataMote, due on March 17, will likely feature baseball in the story, even as the collaborative merchandise is revealed for the upcoming WataMote x Chiba Lotte Marines event at QVC Field.

The drug scandal involved famed baseball player Kazuhiro Kiyohara. Evidence was found by police at his condiminium that he was injecting himself with a substance containing either amphetamine or methamphetamine.

The incident was referenced in Volume 7 of WataMote, as we find Nico Tanigawa (who are a duo) listening to the breaking news on TV.

Nico Tanigawa at work

Such behind-the-scene changes are not unusual, and Nico Tanigawa also noted other baseball-related dialogue that had to be cut, simply because it was no longer true: "I was going to put a joke that ‘there was no players from the Marines in the Japan national baseball team’ in the next chapter, but actually there is now so I have to change the plot."

As always, thanks to Mokonymous for translating Nico Tanigawa's tweets and providing a link to the background information.

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