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05 March 2016

Tomoko's 16th birthday performed

I'm going to mostly keep away from posting old stuff on this blog -- the purpose is (apart from the guides) to keep up-to-date with new business, such as new chapters, new books, and new events (like the baseball collaboration), and it would be very easy to degrade the service by getting bogged down endlessly rehashing old videos and fan art -- but I found a cache of WataMote performances on YouTube that I've never seen or heard of before, most of which seem to predate the anime!

These are pretty good audio productions. There are different actors doing the different parts, and they're cast pretty well. There are good sound effects to accompany the gags. As the audio is performed, the video shows the panels from the comic.

This seems to be the last of them, and it's a story that takes place slightly after the stories dramatized in the anime. Tomoko celebrates her 16th birthday by reading the dirty parts of Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood, fantasizes about being a busty, leather clad biker mama, then panics about the responsibilities of becoming an adult. In the end, she decides she should take her time growing up after all.

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