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22 April 2016

Chapter 94: Soccer sucker succor

World Three has translated the latest chapter, Mourning 94: Because I'm Not Popular, My Brother Will Play Soccer. Following are spoilers.

Support WataMote: Read the new chapter online, and be sure to buy Volume 8 from Yen Press, on sale now! Volume 9 is still only available in Japanese, and the current chapter will be in, I think, Volume 10.

Series creative duo Nico Tanigawa are on a roll, scoring a direct hit with just about every chapter, lately. This time is no exception.

Only now we're getting a much needed shot of testosterone, after a series of chapters featuring some aspect of Tomoko's relations with other girls.

25 March 2016

Volume 9 on sale in Japan

Now on sale in Japan: Volume 9 of WataMote, as well as Volume 3 of Nico Tanigawa's recently concluded series, Number Girl.

17 March 2016

WataMote Special #6 posted

The latest installment of WataMote is a special for the upcoming Chiba Lotte Marines collaboration, and has been posted at Mokocchi's official home on the web, Gangan Online. In Japanese, of course. The World Three translation in English  is also available.

Mokocchi and Yuu-chan tag along with baseball super-fan Komiyama.

As is sometimes the case with localized humor, the ending might be a bit confusing if you don't know the background, so we'll post some helpful info in the chapter notes presently.

A calendar note--earlier, in the schedule, I identified this episode as Chapter 94. That was incorrect; this is Special #6, and Chapter 94 should arrive next month. Sorry 'bout that! As far as I know, there's no way to know ahead of time if the next installment is a normal chapter or a special, so I'll likely make this mistake again in the future. As they say on the internet these days: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

16 March 2016

Video presentation of Chapter 72

Tomoko Kuroki arrives in Kyoto and rooms with her new comrades, Yuri, Yoshida, and Ucchi. This is the big school trip that Tomoko feared back in her first year (even in the anime), and it will turn out that her life does change some because of it.

The School Trip volume, Volume 8, is available next week! Get it!

15 March 2016

Kitta Izumi officially joins the baseball party

When the WataMote x Chiba Lotte Marines collaboration was first announced, Kitta Izumi tweeted right away that she planned to go. Not only is she the voice of Tomoko Kuroki, but is also a former Chiba Lotte Marines cheerleader.

Now her participation has been made official. She'll be hosting some talk shows, and taking part in an autograph session.

The information has been posted in Japanese, and clarified by our friend Mokonymous.

Maybe what I suggested will also occur to them,which is to have Kitta throw the ceremonial pitch. Preferably while wearing Tomoko's school uniform! All Osomatsu had at their baseball game was some random guy wearing a big Iyami head.

12 March 2016

Video presentation of Chapter 71

Tomoko Kuroki heads out on board the bullet train for the big class trip to Kyoto. It's the perfect opportunity for a loner to socialize with the other students... right?

From Volume 8 of No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular, available everywhere from Yen Press in English, this March 22.

10 March 2016

Video presentation of Chapter 69

In which Tomoko Kuroki joins a group for the big school trip. Volume 8 in English is coming soon!